Monday, August 09, 2004

New Shoes

Went to the store on Saturday and bought a new pair of Shoes. Got the Saucony Grid Swerve which felt most like my old Nikes. Not entirely sure they were the best idea as now I find out that they are not a high mileage shoe.

Went out for a 32K training run on Sunday wearing my new shoes which is exactly what I tell all my marathon participants NOT to do! Now I have a blister the size of a quarter on my heel. Compeed blister band-aids work wonders but I'm still a little sore when I have shoes on!

On my 32K I ran all the way into Linde Shores Conservation area in Whitby. It was a good run despite the blister and only started getting hot on the last 4K as I ran away from the lake.

In those seven days I ran a total of 80K due to running last weeks long run on the Monday. My achilles doesn't feel too bad and the legs hardly ache at all.

Next Sunday 36K!

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