Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Off roading

I went out for an easy 5K today. Before I left the office I wasn't feeling too much like doing it, it looks cold and dull outside but I got myself out the door anyway.

At about 1.5K I saw the trail off into the woods and at a split second decided to follow it. I know where it comes back out to the paved trail and figured the round trip would be just over 5K.

It's always fun to run off road. It's so much hillier and you have to watch your footing so you can't relax too much but it's fun.

When I finally came out on to the paved trail again I had gone a little further than anticipated and the Garmin had even lost the signal a couple of times so I cam back along the path and as I was coming past the science centre I heard the familiar echoed squawk of a hawk and watched it dive some poor rodent.

They have finally finished paving the parking lot of the science centre so I ran along the fresh asphalt enjoying my tax dollars at work.

The round trip was around 6K but an unexpected good run.

Tomorrow night....Hills!

Hit The Road Web Site.

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