Monday, November 22, 2004

Saturday rain, Sunday sunshine

Saturday was a dreary rainy day. Cold and blustery and I was glad I didn't have to run. I watched the Hawaii Ironman on TV and sunk into my couch with my feet up.

Sunday, the rain stopped early and the temp was already 8C by the time I was getting ready for my run. I decided to try not to over dress this week and wore shorts. It was such a great day for a long run. The sun came a went a few times but the scenery along the shore of Lake Ontario was as great as ever.

I really didn't feel too in to it for the first 6-7K but after that it felt good and the kilometers just kept slipping away. The 20K went like a snap of the fingers.

Afterwards I was asked to do another marathon clinic but not until the summer. I don't know why they are so eager but I will probably go ahead and do it.

Still waiting to hear about the London Marathon. Some time in the next 3 weeks it should be finalized.

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