Monday, January 10, 2005

Avoiding the weather

Thursday I skipped my run because it had snowed and Friday was supposed to be sunny and not too cold. So Thursday's run turned into Friday's run and it was a good one. I went out and ran 8K at a comfortable pace. The trails and roads were surprisingly clear and the temp was just below freezing.

Saturday was a rest day and Sunday we went out and ran 24K. Felt good the whole way and went for breakfast rather than coffee which probably explains why I'm heavier today!

I actually ran 64K last week.

Today is a rest day, tomorrows plan is 8K and the weather man is projecting 10C by Thursday.

Helped my good friends Jocelyn and Angela to set up a blog for their fundraising efforts for Team Diabetes over the weekend. Take a look.

Corporate team building.

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