Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Deep Freeze

Today I went out for a 6K run and I saw no birds, no squirrels, no animals at all. It's probably because they all had the good sense to be taking shelter from the -22C.

I layered up well and wasn't cold although I hate wearing a balaclava as it makes it hard to breath, especially once the moisture from your breath starts to freeze in front of your mouth.

A good tip for running in really cold weather is start by running into the wind. There's nothing worse than running with the wind at you back, going too far and turning around to find you have to work harder to get back and it's much colder going into the wind.

Actually there are worse things but I won't go into that now.

I have to sign up for the Flying Pig this week... Also I have to decide which race will be the target for the next round of clinics in the spring. Any Ideas?

Corporate and Charity Team Training.

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