Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dashing through the snow

After yesterday's downfall, I wasn't looking forward to today's run too much. I could see before I left that the trail had not been cleared so I would be hopping through 6 inches of snow at least for a couple of K.

Well I wasn't wrong. It was clear to the trail, then about a kilometer of 6 inch snow which was very uneven. Finally I got out to the Sunnybrook driveway which was clear but had to face coming back through the deep stuff.

Once I was on the clear pavement, it was a great run. It was only around freezing which felt good and the new snow looked nice. Once I turned around I decided to bypass the deep stuff and head down Leslie and up Eglinton. I was thinking I was so clever until I got to Don Mills and the 4ft high snow bank and small lake behind it was stopping me from crossing the road.

One wet foot and a couple hundred meters later and it was all over....at least for today.

Run for Fun.

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