Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Not cold but wet

It rained most of the night and all morning and didn't look like it was planning to stop but by the time I got out for my 6K today it had done just that.

It was about 5°C and I was dressed for about -10 because I thought I was going to get wet.

I tried running south on the trail thinking it would be clear by now due to all the warmer weather we've been having. WRONG! It was clear for just over 1K but then I hit the parking lot and it was all snow covered or puddles. I turned around and ran north but then had to figure out where to turn around to get back in at 6K.

So apart from the odd leap to avoid a puddle and the couple in the back of the Corolla, it was a pretty normal run.

Tomorrow night I'll be pacing the marathon clinic for 10K so this week I've switched my speed work to Friday. I still need to figure out how to run 32 on Sunday and only pace the clinic for 13.

Charity running clinics.

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