Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Club Runs June 4 and 5

Saturday June 4
where: Twyn Rivers
when: 8:00
duration: 1 hour
pace: steady

Sunday June 5
Hit The Road will be at the Alfie Shrub 8K in Bowmanville. Click Here for details.


Ken said...

What a great trail run! Definately one of my favourites. We didn't even manage to get lost. I guess we could look for a bigger hill for the finish next time.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaaaaat, a bigger hill?!?!? Hmm, perhaps, my mental faculties weren't all there (as this happens from time to time), but as I recall lucidly - except for maybe two ambitious individuals (who will remain nameless), no one else on that group could get up the top quarter of that hill. Personally, I felt like I needed a rope, some carabiners, and a pair of climbing shoes to culminate the run.