Friday, July 08, 2005

I Love Weekends

This weekend is another one to look forward to...

Saturday is the 5 peaks race in Mansfield. I think the bigger challenge will be finding Mansfield than the actual race. I'm looking for volunteers to hide in the bushes and trip Ken as he goes by. I figure this is the only way I will beat him. You can tell I run slower than him because the photographers seem to get more pictures of me! As a result of this race, there will be no club run this Saturday. Just about everyone who usually turns out for our trail runs will be at the race anyway.

Sunday will be another tour of West Hill and the West Shore area of Pickering. Last time we did this route we had a lot of comments on how great it was. There's a bit of everything and some great scenery along the waterfront. Take a look here for details of this weekends runs.

Just over a week until the start of our next program so if you've been thinking about it or know someone who might like to join, now is the time. The location is great and this could be the time to start your road to better fitness. It promises to be a lot of fun! Take a look here for the details of this program.

Enjoy your weekend.

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