Friday, July 22, 2005

Running from the cops

Another weekend is upon us. This Saturday the trail run will be around the hills at the back of Dagmar. This is a fantastic location for trail running with lots of those hills I know you all love.

Sunday we will be meeting outside the Second Cup at Kingston Road and Valley Farm Road in Pickering. The plan is to run north from there and have another hilly run (What did you guys do to upset Ken and Jocelyn so much). So with those pounding quads still burning we'll go for some well deserved refreshment.

All the details for this weekend's run can be found here.

Still looking for some suggestions for the pub run. Ken wants us all to wear pink or red dresses (is there something you need to get off your chest Ken?). I'm thinking pirates or cops and robbers where Ken can be the cop and chase us all down. He will have to give us a head start though!

If you have any suggestions for the theme or pubs to hit, feel free to let us know. Use the Comment Link below.


Drunk on the Road Running said...

I think the idea was pink hats and not dresses because the idea of pink or red dresses is far to gay for me. After 5 km of running and drinking we'll most likely be chased by the cops anyways.
Lets get this under way and let the Drunken Games begin.

Anonymous said...

Not thet there's anything wrong with that.