Thursday, September 22, 2005

Race day preparation

As your race approaches it's more important than ever to rest up and prepare properly.

For the next couple of days you will want to keep off your feet and eat well, get lots to drink (no alcohol or caffeine...Sorry) and keep away from sick people like Ken. Sick people like Tony are not as risky to your race performance unless you see me in the crowd wearing a kilt!

The race expo is not as huge as the ones in Chicago, Cincinnati or even Ottawa but try to limit the amount of walking around you do, especially if you go on Saturday.

The next couple of days is not the time to try the new Thai place or anything new for that matter.

Try to get a good night sleep for the next couple of days because you probably won't on Saturday night (I have all your phone numbers and will be making crank calls, just to make sure).

For those of you who are planning on meeting up on Sunday before the race, we will be meeting at the fountain in Metro Square that has the flame. If you are running alone or just don't like the rest of us (you know who you are), have a great race and most importantly.....enjoy yourself.

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Jo said...

Hey Ken....I still have some of those "herbal" pills for colds that we picked up in Chicago, may be those will help! They will be even better now that they have aged!